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The Effect of Brexit on Import and Export

The Effect of Brexit on Import and Export

25 March 2019  //  By Delta Express UK

The effect of Brexit on Import and Export

It really does feel like a never-ending saga doesn’t it? But nevertheless it’s important to consider the effect of Brexit on import and export could have on your business.


Brexit: Better Safe than Sorry

As with nearly all Brexit chatter, it can only be speculative. But there’s nothing wrong with a little preparation and safeguarding. The good news is, that with Delta Express by your side, we will continue to take the headache out of the effect of Brexit on Import and Export. We deal with all paperwork, tracking and logistics. With this comprehensive service, we’re hoping that our customers won’t notice too much of a dramatic change to their coverage.


The government website advises that those without an UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number should register for one through their website. The process is relatively quick and easy, but they do recommend this is done before March 29th 2019. Having this number in place will ensure that your business can continue to import or export goods and apply for authorisations that will make customs processes easier for you.


Keeping Costs Down

That’s not to say the process and costs wont change though. Exiting the European Union is more than likely to have an impact on the cost of importing and exporting. Thankfully, because we are a delivery broker, we can use our expertise, knowledge and contacts to keep these costs to a minimum.


Your Import and Export queries answered

The government website also recommends that you keep the channels of communication open with your parcel logistics supplier. That’s why we’re here for all your questions and queries. You can contact a member of the team based in Grantham, UK via our contacts page either by email or phone. We are more than happy to help with anything that may be worrying you.


The daunting effects of Brexit are being felt across the UK. But we hope that when it comes to import and export services, we can take the stress out of the process and ensure we keep your goods and business moving.