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Has Next Day Delivery Killed the High Street?

Has Next Day Delivery Killed the High Street?

25 March 2019  //  By Delta Express UK

Has next day delivery killed the high street?

Take a walk down any high street in the UK you can’t help but notice how dramatically it has changed. Even in big cities like Manchester and London, the amount of big retailers who once dominated the landscape are few and far between. Could it be that the rise in online trading and services like next day delivery have killed the high street?


Winds of Change

It’s certainly true that internet shopping has wildly changed how we shop, where we shop and when we shop. But to say it has killed the high street might be a notion too far. As with any industry, change will happen. Technology is driving this change more rapidly than some of us can keep up. And it could be said that this is what happened to our high street.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Subsequently, it could be argued that the high street has failed to adapt to advances in technology. With super responsive websites and super fast delivery services, you can’t help but wonder why anyone nowadays would take the time out of their day to drive all the way to their town centres? Customers are left with a sour taste in their mouths after paying for parking, negotiating crowds, endless searching round numerous shops for a product and sadly, experiencing not always the greatest of customer service.


Destination Shopping Experiences

But not all is lost. Retailers and shopping centres are now becoming savvy to this and working to create ‘destination shopping experiences’. Retailers and big brands are basically having to make it worthwhile for people to visit the high street again.It’s not enough to do a bit of shopping. If people are going to leave the comfort of their homes it simply has to be worth it. More and more high streets are incorporating culture and food into their shopping experience. From restaurants and street food to children’s play areas and art galleries the high street is beginning to buzz with life again.


Next Day Delivery

All of this really does boil down to one thing. Convenience. Consumers are time-starved and looking for the easiest way possible to shop. Whether you’re and Etsy or eBay trader or an online giant, offering next day delivery to your customer is the best thing you can do for your business. At Delta Express we offer worldwide next day delivery services from our Grantham offices. We cover the whole of the UK including Manchester and London.